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Slurry Pumping Equipment

Welcome to MUYUAN! Choose our slurry pumps to take the worry out of your pumping applications! Muyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal slurry pump. We are dedicated to providing truly efficient, durable slurry handling equipment and integrated mineral processing solutions. Browse the listings here at MUYUAN and you will quickly discover a wide range of slurry pumps and complete sets of pumping equipment, such as the heavy-duty slurry pump, light-duty slurry pump, high-head slurry pump, high-efficiency slurry pump, submersible slurry pump, froth pump, dredge pump, and the dual-purpose slurry and dredging pump. Based on your technical drawing or utilizing reverse engineering, we are able to produce OEM wet-end parts that are 100% interchangeable with world-renowned brand-name pump models by using high-chrome white cast iron, rubber, polyurethane, ceramic, and polymer materials. If you have a need for our products, please feel free to contact us! More

    1. MA Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

      Parts in contact with the slurry are replaceable and made of high-chrome for maximum resistance to wear and abrasion. Rubber and polyurethane are selected ...

    1. ML Series Light Duty Slurry Pump

      Rubber and polyurethane are selected to make liners and impellers so as to suit them for various working conditions. Different types of impellers are designed to handle a variety ...

    1. MH Series High Head Slurry Pump

      It is always important to get a good match between the system requirements and pump features. Not only is it critical to pick a pump that meets your requirements for flow ...

    1. MHE Series High Efficiency Slurry Pump

      The high efficiency slurry pump is designed with one impeller and allows slurries to enter inside the pumping chamber from only one suction side. It is a horizontal cantilever pump.

    1. MYU Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

      The heavy duty slurry pump is a single-suction pump that allows slurries to enter inside the pumping chamber from only one suction side. Available with one impeller, the single-stage ....

    1. MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump

      Optimized slurry pump system layout simplifies maintenance operation, ensures long service life, and suit the pump for heavy duty tasks of pumping slurries with large solids.

    1. MV Series Vertical Sump Pump

      Submersed in water and sitting on the bottom of the sump, the MV series vertical sump pump is commonly used to convey high-viscosity slurries with highly abrasive, coarse particles.

    1. MF Series Froth Pump

      A typical feature of this vertical centrifugal slurry pump is the double-casing design which allows the case to be split open along its centerline. Wet-end parts are replaceable ...

    1. MD Series Dredging Pump

      Available with only one impeller, the MD series dredging pump sucks up slurries containing sand and silt from one suction side. It is in essential a horizontal cantilever slurry ...